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Stanley’s knowledge of the product was very in depth and he was able to discuss points that were related to the product as well as the software.... The product has two primary users, the field and the cadd techs. Stan has built a strong relationship with both groups because of his great personality and diverse knowledge of the product. Stan has been relentless on the service end for the Power Design account. He has built solid relationships with the end users both in the field and here in the office. The biggest sale point Stan delivered during the introduction of the products was his dedication to the implementation of product and the service end. Stan has held up that end of the deal and exceeded our expectations.
— David W. Hughes, Preconstruction Design Manager, Power Design Inc.
Miller Electric has been partnered with Stan and Datum Tech Solutions throughout the process of integrating total station technology into our construction process. Stan’s knowledge of the product he sells and the service he has provided Miller Electric is second to none. The initial training for both our field staff that uses the equipment and the CAD/BIM portion of the process was very detailed and thorough. The most important part of our experience with Datum Tech Solutions is the service that has extended beyond the initial training. The continued support for our field staff and BIM technicians has played a major role in helping Miller Electric to embrace and use this technology both for our advantage and for added value to the end product we deliver our customers. We value the service we receive from Stan and Datum Tech Solutions and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.
— James Sullivan, Miller Electric Company
The Lease Crutcher Lewis Portland office began construction on a public school renovation in spring of 2015. We decided to implement use of a Robotic Total Station, in addition to Point Layout during this project. Our Seattle office had already implemented this process successfully and raved about the time and man­power saved. During our pre­construction phase, Lewis Portland began to investigate what types of equipment we needed, what people would be tasked with implementing and who would be hired to consult us on this process. Immediately it was suggested by several different people involved, company wide, to hire Datum Tech Solutions to assist us. We began by setting up training ­ led by Stan for the small group we had hand picked. The initial training lasted two days and covered many of the different uses and issues that may arise in the process. The Lewis Portland team felt very comfortable when he left, that we would be able to use and track the data in this new fashion.

As projects typically do, we ran into some issues that were hindering us and which we needed assistance. After relaying these issues to Datum, Chris came down the very next day and spent 8 hours training our layout foreman on the new software we had purchased. Additionally, he took some of our concerns about tools (that we had previously purchased from another company) back to Stan. Stan discussed the difference intelligently with our Layout

Superintendent from Lewis Portland and was able to quickly and efficiently provide us with new tools that worked better for our Layout Foreman. Later on in the project, when we had a hardware failure and had to return our tablet back to the manufacturer for service ­ Stan drove to our site in Portland with a tablet that we could borrow in the interim. Additionally, he and Chris stayed for the day and worked along side our foreman ­ insuring that he was well training in the equipment and software that we had purchased.

Without Stan’s dedication and service to us, we most likely would have given up our current implementation in favor of an easier path. Stan and Chris were thoughtful about products offered to us, would answer the phone for hours long phone calls about software or hardware concerns and could be quickly and easily on site, ready to help within a moments notice. We cannot recommend Datum Tech Solutions enough for whatever needs your next project might bring!

Thank you Datum Tech!!
— Mollie Shackleford, Virtual Design & Construction Coordinator & Matt Hockett, General Foreman, Lease Crutcher Lewis
I was recently introduced to the Leica total station. It’s a new tool that has allowed me to complete layouts with accuracy and efficiency. Chris, Stanley and Carl have all followed up with me and their technical support has allowed me to hurtle all obstacles to keep me up and running. It’s very comforting to work with a team that has shown outstanding customer service, professionalism and urgency to supply all technical occupancies. I am grateful and look forward to our future.
— Aramis Arguelles, Foreman, Power Design
I wanted to thank you again for coming to our training center and for the “Train the Trainer” class you conducted with our instructors and members. The guys here were totally impressed by the quality training you provided. All of them said they have never had this kind of detailed training. They were all impressed of your knowledge of the system and your ability to communicate the operation of the system. We were fortunate to have you come here this week and hope to see you again.
— John W. Inks, Jr., Training Director, Plumbers Local No. 27
Besides displaying the in depth knowledge of robotic system and its capabilities, Stan has shown great capability to teach our team with patience and confidence. Datum Tech Solutions’ vast knowledge base and experience is helping us adapt the system for our specific trade use and efficiency. He continues to resolve our ongoing challenges with great enthusiasm, accuracy and timely responses. Stan, we thank you for being a part of our extended team.
— Ashish Peters, BIM Director, Raymond Group
Boneso Brothers Construction, Inc. recently purchased a Robotic Total Station system which included the training services of Stanley Lawrence, President of Datum Tech Solutions, to learn how to operate and best utilize the system.

As part of a composite crew of seven Plumbing and HVAC Superintendents and Foremen we’ve just completed two days of training with Stanley. He very patiently and competently walked us through, step by step, the process of properly and accurately setting up and using the Total Station, locating and establishing control points, reference points and various HVAC and piping hanger locations.

Stanley’s knowledge of the system, attention to detail and communication skills were very evident and impressive. Despite the distractions of a working jobsite and a few unexpected hurdles, he brought a varied group of men with little or no prior experience to a sound, working knowledge of basic operation.

His training methods instilled in us confidence in the system, it’s accuracy and our ability to use it efficiently and economically. Our thanks to Stanley for a job well done!
— Kevin Asmann, HVAC Foreman, Boneso Brothers Construction
Chris – I wanted to thank you again for coming out and working with Eric and I on the Sokkia. It is great to see that when we bring you things we feel could be improved you come back with updates fixing the issues. In the high pace industry we work in, the customer service you have shown has been a great help. It’s been a pleasure working with you so far and I look forward to working together in the future.
— Jim Hoover, Plumbing Foreman, Auburn Mechanical